My New Old House(ing)

If you know me, and I mean like, at all, you know that I love to eat.

I’m that girl who’s constantly asking “what’s for dinner?” before I’ve even had lunch. My parents joke that I’m a “walking stomach” because I’m always thinking about my next meal, which I’m okay with because it’s pretty dang accurate. Heck, as I sit here typing this, my stomach growls while I wait for my mom to get back from the grocery store so we can start dinner (BLTs, if you were wondering). I’m a certified food lover™ and I’m proud.

Which is why today, the day we got our DIS housing assignments, I woke up at 7 AM and refreshed my email like a maniac, ignoring my body’s cries for just a few more minutes of precious sleep. But good news – my obsessive refreshing paid off, and I learned that I got my first choice of housing: the Culinary Living & Learning Community!

Before you ask me what the heck I’m talking about, let me back up a bit and explain the housing situation at DIS. There are a few options that students can choose from: a homestay (the traditional experience of living with a Danish family), a residential community (a dorm-style environment with all DIS students), a kollegium (apartments with both DIS and Danish students), and a Living Learning Community (there are a few other options as well, but these were the ones that I considered). Students rank their top three choices and write a few short essays, and a team of DIS administrators review them and place everyone in the right spot.

The home that I’m saying hej to!

Personally, I put the Culinary Living & Learning Community first (which will henceforth be known as LLC), the residential community second, and a kollegium third. I decided on the LLC as my first choice because I really wanted to live with a smaller group of people who shared common interests with me that I could become close to over my time abroad. I was super honest in my housing application about my desire to find a small-ish group of friends to bond with instead of being thrown into an environment of 50+ people. Thankfully, the DIS powers-that-be understood.

I’ll be living right in the middle of Copenhagen in an apartment building that was built in the 1740s. That’s wild, right? It’s older than the United States! I’m about a five minute walk down the street from the DIS campus, along with some other hotspots that have been highly recommended. I’m in a quad, meaning that I have three other roommates. This was surprising to say the least, but I’m rolling with it and hope it’ll be so much fun! Each week we have activities where the entire LLC (37 people in total who all live in my building) get together and do fun food-based things around the city, as well as cook meals together. I’m so excited about this; I think it’s the perfect environment for me to experience this semester!

Even though I’m a short walk to DIS headquarters, I decided to still rent a bike so that I can explore the city and get some exercise. There’s a gym down the street too, which I should probably join since I’m anticipating a lot of good meals.

Now that I have my housing in place, it’s finally time to turn my full attention on my poor neglected suitcases. In terms of packing, I’m generally a pretty organized gal so I’m not too worried about a last-minute mishap. I finish up my summer internship on Friday, and then the next few days will be full of last-minute errands, appointments, and shopping. I’m hitting the doctor-dentist-dermatologist trio on the same day, how fun (not)!

With one week to go, I’m really starting to feel the nerves, but I’m also filled with so much energy and excitement for this upcoming adventure. You may hear from me as I kill time in the airport, but if not, I’ll see you in Cope!



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