Prologue: One Month Left

Me being a huge book nerd at the Warner Brother Studios Harry Potter Tour

Velkommen til min blog!

It feels a bit surreal to be curled up on my living room sofa writing this, knowing that exactly one month from today I’ll be dragging myself through the Munich International Airport on my way to catch my flight to Copenhagen.

Terrified? You bet. Excited? Absolutely.

It helps that there’s so much to look forward to – living with people from around the world, diving into my classes, and generally just experiencing the magic of a new city. I had the wonderful opportunity of living in London for three weeks this past January, and immersing myself in British culture and history sparked a passion for learning and travel that I can’t wait to explore further!

One of the biggest reasons I chose Copenhagen (besides my strangely potent interest in Scandinavian culture) is because of the Danish Institute for Study Abroad, which will here forth be know as DIS. DIS is a non-profit study abroad foundation that offers programs in Copenhagen and Stockholm (to read more about DIS, click here). This program has been recommended to me by so many people that I’m surprised I had no idea it existed before last year. Old classmates, new classmates, family friends, and even my cousins-husbands-nephew (long story) have raved about DIS. Besides being a really well-rounded and put-together program, DIS offers so many unique academic opportunities – because the only reason people study abroad is for school, right?(;

I’m a PR and Social Media Marketing major, as well as a senior (who will *hopefully* graduate on time). Combine those two things and I was pretty worried about making a semester abroad work. However, DIS has a ton of Communications classes that fit what I needed to fulfill my home school requirements.

Let me break ’em down for you:

  1. Strategic Communication (this is my CORE course)
  2. Designing Communications Campaigns
  3. Digital Media in Marketing
  4. History of Sexuality in Europe

I decided to only take 4 classes while abroad because, 1. I only need two classes to achieve my needed Bradley major requirements and 2. there are other activities that I hope to be involved in outside the classroom (more on that later). I think the course that I’m most excited for is my History of Sexuality in Europe class because we get to watch my all-time favorite show as a class assignment (looking at you, Skam!) I chose the city of Copenhagen because I’m intrigued by Scandinavian culture and lifestyle, so I think this class will be a great way to explore Denmark from a standpoint that I’m interested in learning more about.

I’m also looking forward to my Strategic Communications class because of the travel week. Each Core Course has a dedicated travel week where the students of said course live and learn in another European city. For Strategic Communications, I get to go to….London! I just couldn’t stay away, seriously, I love London. See attached cliche-red-phone-booth picture for proof that I love London.

Along with these super cool academic plans, I’ve also signed up for a wine tasting class that meets every Monday night. Since turning 21, I’ve really gotten into wine (to the utter horror of my beer-centric family) and am excited to learn more about it while also getting to meet and socialize with fellow DIS students.

Speaking of food and socialization, I’ve ranked the Culinary LLC (Living Learning Community) as my first choice of housing, though I won’t know if I got in until August 7th (sadly, patience is not my strong suit). If I were to get into this LLC, I’d spend my nights cooking and hanging out with fellow foodies – and maybe even showing off my newfound wine expertise -, which to me sounds like the perfect evening.

While I still have a month to go, I know that the rest of this summer will fly by, especially since I haven’t even begun to pack yet…yikes! I won’t lie and say I’m not alarmed by the fact that in less than thirty days I’ll literally be thousands of miles from home (4,247, you bet I looked it up). However, I know that these coming months will hold some of the most magical, life-changing experiences, and I can’t wait for takeoff.

Until then, may your suitcases get packed and your duo-lingo work properly,


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